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Welcome to the Kin & Kith Kitchen, my latest food adventure.

Born into a family of cooks of Hainanese descent, my passion for food took root at an early age. My grandfather was a sailor and a cook while my parents made a living selling Hainanese chicken rice back in the day. It was through observing my parents that I picked up my cooking skills as a young child. Preparing Hainanese cuisine has since become second nature to me. 

I approach every new dish with curiosity and would attempt to recreate them back home and share my creations with my kin and kith. It brings me a sense of joy whenever I see others enjoy my food. 


For 14 years, I worked at a hospital as a nursing aide at the Gynaecology department. For the next 29 years, I ran a small food business and have since retired. In the next chapter of my life, I hope to continue on my journey with food by sharing with others and the younger generation the fading tradition of Hainanese cuisine as well as Singaporean local delights.

I specialise in Hainanese cuisine, confinement meals (I am certified by WINGS-KKH), home-cooked dishes, hawker delights, guiding new domestic helpers in the preparation of home-cooked meals and mentoring budding hawkers in kick starting a food business.      

This is the story of my food journey.

Heart to palate, a plate at a time.


- Khai Kin (Amy)

你好!我叫泰娟,Amy。Kin & Kith Kitchen 是我最新的美食计划。我希望我准备的食物能继续滋养亲人,新或老朋友的灵魂。













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